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Welcome to The Baronage Farm.  We are a small (10 acre) farm located in the quiet countryside of Delaware.

The Baronage Farm Artists Guild seeks to provide a place for people to come and learn, explore, and experience various artistic pursuits.  In addition to a nurturing, learning environment, The Baronage Farm is also a place for people to come and teach in order to pass on their knowledge and skills. There is a strong emphasis on traditional artistic pursuits such as smithing and metal crafts, pottery, glass and woodworking, gardening and herbal lore, brewing, jewelry and calligraphy.  Additionally, the Performing Arts, such as music and dance are also encouraged and practiced in the Guild.

The Baronage Farm is located five miles from Route 13 in Townsend, Delaware. Consider us for your next gathering. We can add a special flair to your Family Reunion or Birthday Party.