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Posted 5/19/2011 4:46am by Laura Krutul.

Far too long have we been silent, and it is time to correct this inequity.  Our apologies to those Friends of the Farm on our mailing list who have heard nothing from us for so long.  When the Spring Equinox approached, we rejoiced in the passing of winter.  It had been a busy Winter Season for us on the Farm.  We planned for a new building to include a Loft that could be used for classroom space, parties, and meetings.  Despite the ravages of the weather, we managed to have the building go up in late February.  It was the most wonderful, unseasonable weather that we could have when the small barn that is now next to our house went up.  The temperatures were in the 70’s and the sun beamed almost as much as we did while we watched the workmen complete the barn.

The full moon that fell a day before the Spring Equinox was celebrated with a Fire Circle that night.  This is a new practice at The Baronage Farm this year and we hope to host a few more Fire Circles this year in July & August.  This is a no cost event for those who come out to participate, although donations of food and drink to supplement the feast table we set up are always welcome.

Now we are turning our attention to preparations for the coming of summer and our first Fairy Faire.  Many of you are familiar with these festivals & have participated in them.  We will be celebrating Midsummer (also known as Saint John’s Day) this coming June 25th.  In order for this first time venue to be a success, we are looking for Vendors, Performers, Musicians, and Volunteers.  Because this is a first year event, and we cannot guarantee what the gate count will be, we are not charging Vendors to participate.  We do allow them to camp that weekend, in order to further minimize any expense they might incur.  In order to participate, please contact us and we will send a Vendor or Participant package that must be completed.

This Friday, May 20th will be our first Volunteer meeting.  Anyone wishing to help with the Faire is welcome to come out to this Meet & Greet session to start at 7 pm.  We’ll have light refreshments available.

Vendor & Performer packets will be going out this weekend to those who have already contacted us.  The initial response is quite heartening – overwhelming is more the term we should use.  We are also contacting the press and advertising as much as possible.  We would love to have a lot of fairgoers turn up on the 25th of June.

Our website calendar has been updated to include all upcoming volunteer days, so please come out and spend some time with us at the Farm.  We hope to see you all at the Midsummer Faire in June!