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Posted 6/24/2008 11:23am by Laura Krutul / William Quick.
Hail and good health to all gentles who read these words!  We at Baronage Farm hope this Summer Season finds you all well and prosperous.  We continue to hold our Living History weekends on the first weekend of each month.  We welcome all Medieval Minded people to come out and spend some time with us.  We encourage visitors to dress in Medieval Garb and come celebrate the season with us.  All activities are outdoors, so plan for the weather.  This is a weekend event starting on Saturday afternoon at 1pm and continuing to Sunday evening at 5pm.  Martial activities will include Archery on Saturday and Sunday - loaner equipment is available.  Baron William will be teaching sword fighting techniques to anyone who is interested.  Other martial fighting activities will be scheduled if participants are available.  Baron William enjoys sitting around the fire pit on Saturday evenings after we feast, so camping is allowed for anyone who wishes to spend the entire weekend with us - you must supply your own tent and camping equipment.  Our April & May weekends were wonderful however the first heat wave of the summer hit us during the Living History weekend in June and left us hot & wilted.  We cut the weekend short on Saturday night as everyone was anxious to get back to their modern air conditioners.  A cooling tent with water mist is something we are definitely looking into setting up in the future. “Castle Baronage”, a project we started last year was wrecked beyond recognition during a late winter storm.  We are thankful to the members of Galatia who took the time to come out and help repair the castle and put it right.  There is now a very solid front wall and the structure is strong enough for battle scenarios.  It has been battle tested during the 2 Markland Events we held at the Farm.  Celtic Fire on the weekend of May 2, 3, and 4 was hosted by Galatia, & The War of the 7 Headed Dragon this past weekend was hosted by Clan Clonakility.  There is an upcoming Event on the weekend of July 11, 12, and 13.  The War of Eternal Flames will be hosted by Terminus Est.  As the event name suggests, there will be fighting, but also a renewal of marriage vows as the day draws to a close on Saturday.  Because this Event is hosted by a group other than Baronage Farm, there is admission on Friday & Saturday.  More information will be posted on our calendar for this event and all good things happening at Baronage Farm.We continue to update our Web Site (www.BaronageFarm.com) so please feel free to take a look.  Our Calendar of Events will be continually updated, pictures of the wares we have available at the Tudor Rose Emporium will be posted soon, and there will be more photos in our Gallery as activities continue here at Baronage Farm.  We look forward to having you visit our humble holdings. William & Laura