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It's hard to make any Faire or Festival work without a team of volunteers.  We turn no one away - you can come the day of the Faire and volunteer.  If you volunteer for 3 hours, you can spend the rest of the day enjoying the Faire at no charge.

We have special Volunteer Days with bonfires at the end of the day (all work and no play is dull) on our calendar of events.  Please come out and help...then have fun into the night.

Even when we are in the last week before the Faire there's always something to do.  Decorating the Fairy Tree and setting up the Gnome Home & Fairy Village are always lots of fun.

We have tents to set up and benches to paint and get ready - so there's still lots for pre-faire volunteers to do.  We are here every day before the Faire, and we welcome anyone to come by.

During the Faire we can always use Faeries who want to be members of the Faerie Court to assist with the Children's Tea Party or read stories at the Fairy Tale tent.  Let us know if you can help, and if there's a special task you want to do and we'll try our hardest to match you with the task that's just right for you.


We're working hard to have everything set up in time for the Faerie Faire.  We're here every day now up to the Faire, so please feel free to stop by if you want to help with hanging tapestries, setting up our new recycle center or decorating tents and fairgrounds.  Bill and friends are working hard to build the stage in our new entertainment tent.  The tent is large and gives us room to get things ready even if the weather is not cooperating. 

If you want to contact us before coming by you can call or text to Bill at 302-598-6662 or Laura at 302-598-0862.